What is the Most Basic Type of Web Hosting?

Shared Hosting is one of the most basic types of Web Hosting available today; learn more about Shared Hosting as well as other types such as Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Managed Hosting & WordPress Hosting.

What is the Most Basic Type of Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most basic and cost-effective type of web hosting, making it the best choice for small or entry-level websites. As the name implies, websites that use shared hosting will share resources with other websites on a single server. It is the cheapest and most common form of web hosting, and if a website hosting company doesn't make a big deal with the type of hosting they offer, then it's probably shared web hosting. Cloud hosting takes VPS virtualization to the next level by hosting your site on a computer network.

When you choose traditional shared hosting or VPS web hosting, if the server goes down for any reason, then your website is not available to customers. This is not the case with cloud hosting, because if one server goes offline, visitors will seamlessly go to another server on the cloud network. Having your website “in the cloud” has other benefits. Your site can be cached on different servers around the world, making it load faster for international visitors.

It's also easy to scale a website on cloud hosting. If your website takes off the ground, you can buy more traffic and storage space without having to worry about moving servers or installing new hardware. Cloud hosting is more applicable for large-scale websites, but many web hosting companies are moving to this type, making it more affordable even for small creative-based sites.To get a physical web server for you, you need dedicated server hosting. You won't share any resources with anyone else, so you'll have full control over how the server works and your website should perform better.

Website hosting is divided into hardware used behind the scenes and compatible software. It's common to see WordPress hosting as a separate option from web hosting companies.Another consideration to consider is if you need managed hosting. With a managed hosting plan, the hosting provider will perform many of the daily maintenance tasks of running a website for you. The host will perform software updates, check for security breaches, perform backups, and generally ensure that your website runs smoothly.

Without managed hosting, you're essentially on your own. But most good web hosting companies offer their users a reasonable level of technical support and assistance.A particularly popular type of managed hosting is managed WordPress hosting. Basically, the web hosting company takes care of all the daily maintenance of your WordPress website for you. In some cases, the host will even help set up themes and plugins.Web hosting companies often have long lists of different types of hosting to choose from.

Shared web hosting is fine for small sites, but as traffic increases, you may want to consider VPS web hosting, cloud hosting, or dedicated servers. Another way hosting is defined is by the particular features and services they offer. WordPress hosting, for example, includes tools that make it easy to create and operate a WordPress website.Managed hosting means that the web host will take care of most of the daily maintenance of your server and website for you. The most reliable type of hosting available is cloud hosting.

The web host provides you with a full cluster of servers, and your files and data will be replicated to each of the available servers thanks to the dedicated resources used by the cloud host. If one of the cloud servers is busy or there is a traffic spike, traffic is automatically redirected to another server resulting in little or no downtime.This is known as scalability and it's what makes cloud hosting a great option for busy websites. When comparing cloud hosting to VPS it's clear that they're not mutually exclusive; it is possible to offer VPS hosting in a cloud fabric resulting in the best performance in a virtual environment.Shared web hosting is the most basic and affordable type of web hosting plan available. Web hosts invest in servers where all the files that make up their clients' websites are stored; for customers who choose a shared web hosting plan their website will live on the same server as other websites.

VPS Hosting can be a good option for website owners who need more control at the server level but don't want to invest in a dedicated server; VPS Hosting offers a fixed amount of server resources so websites hosted on VPS Hosting could have trouble handling sudden spikes in traffic.VPS stands for Virtual Private Server; VPS Hosting is one of the types of Internet Hosting accounts that you can select for online Hosting; you must have your database files on a web server to have a website on the Internet; these physical servers are generally divided into several different or shared VPS servers.WordPress Hosting is a type of shared Hosting that has been created especially for owners of WordPress websites; all you need to do is type your web address or domain in the browser if you want to view your website; depending on your requirements you should choose a reliable and affordable web host provider for your website but first you should learn about the types of web Hosting available and see which one is best suited for your specific needs; this type of Hosting allows resellers to rent servers bandwidth and software from large web Hosting companies and then resell these services for profit to people looking to create a website and need a web server.There are numerous types of web Hosting and it is possible to use any computer with an Internet connection as long as it has enough power.

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